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Volume LXXXIX, 2023, August, Number 3

Botany, Health-Seeking, and Settler Colonialism in Tropical Florida, 1827–1840
By Elaine LaFay

Joel Roberts Poinsett and the Political Economy of the Nullification Crisis
By Lindsay Schakenbach Regele

School Violence and the Carceral State in the 1970s: Desegregation and the New Educational Inequality in Louisiana
By Walter C. Stern

The Strange Career of C. Vann Woodward: A Review Essay
By Lorri Glover

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Volume LXXXIX, 2023, November, Number 4

Neither Slave nor Free: Black Jail Debt Peonage in Antebellum Virginia, 1841–1846
By Amanda White Gibson

Reconciling Democracy and Eugenics: Alice Lloyd and the Rehabilitation of the Kentucky Mountaineer
By Tina A. Irvine

Making Sense of Mexican Settlement: North Carolinians and the Evolution of Racialized Hierarchies, 1975–1990s
By Yuridia Ramírez Renteria

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